Saturday, January 14, 2006


After 26 days of rain, this is what I see outside my window :) How sweet it is..... I almost forgot what sunshine felt like ;)

Today, I went over to Broadway/Oak to drop off my walkman to the repair shop. Apparently, technicians were not working today (being Saturday) only customer drop offs / pick ups. The guy at the desk stated that I might not even have my walkman looked at on Monday as they are super busy. He told me to call in on Monday anyways and ask if anyone will be able to look at if for me. I am hoping the damage is no more than $60.00. Maybe it's just a loose connection?? I'll find out soon enough....

After we dropped off the walkman, Kay and I drove over to my mom's place. Mom wanted to head out for some food shopping in Chinatown, lucky us it was a good day for it, although I was prepared for the rain storms to show up. Weather in Vancouver is un-predictable. Kay moaned and groaned all the way to mom's. She's a good kid though, the minute we walked into my mom's, she stopped, smiled, kissed and thanked Grandma for all her gifts. It was an ordinary day, nothing too exciting happened except getting bitched out by two little old ladies. We walked and shopped around Chinatown for most of the afternoon. Mom wanted to pick up an electric dispensing pot because she did not end up buying one in Hong Kong as the electric voltage is different in Canada. We shopped around a few Chinese stores until she ended up finding a cheap one (less than $100 CAD), made in China, which I stated would not last long. Looking at it, it looks CHEAP and the inside is stainless steel, it's not even coated with the nonstick like my Zojirushi. I told her to pay the extra $100 for a Zojirushi, Made In Japan and it will outlast any cheap version. But Mom did not want to spend $170.00, she thinks the pot will have no problems and they are all built the same. Oh well, one day when the pot breaks down, I will just smile and think about my Zojirushi. Speaking of pots, I have decided that I want a Zojirushi Ricecooker! Oh my, does it look so cool and I know it's a little pricey for a rice cooker but this item would be used daily just like my hot water pot. Maybe for Valentine's Day ;) Anyways, back to our day, as we shopped around, our little cart (Mom has a little cart for groceries) was getting quite full and you can imagine Kay's face as we are walking all over Chinatown, not happy. But still a good sport, as she was going to be sleeping over at C's place. At the end of the afternoon of food shopping, we had one last stop to make, a corner market that has brown free range eggs at a really good price. Mom was planning to make Lo Bak Gao so she picked up about 7 pounds of Lo Bak (Chinese white carrot) and she left the eggs / lo bak on the little counter at the cashier (who said it was ok) and proceeded to the meat department to pick up some meat. I was standing by the cashier, watching Kay because we could not lift the little cart into the store, seemed to make sense that Kay would stand on the sidewalk as this was our last stop. The cashier started bitching in Cantonese about leaving our stuff on the counter, walking away without paying for our stuff etc. while I was standing there. She figured I didn't understand Cantonese (which I do) but I did not say anything back except in English. I asked her if she had a problem but clearly she did not understand me. I told my Mom after we left the store and she said I should have spoken up. We could have left the store without buying their items. The next store over carried the exact same products at the same price. Oh well, next time, I know what to say. While I was getting bitched out by the cashier, little Kay was getting bitched at by some little old lady on the street. Kay does not understand a word of Cantonese so she had no idea what the lady was saying but she knows the lady was saying things about her because she was looking at Kay while speaking. When the little old lady crossed the street, Kay threw her a nasty look. Sooooo funny, poor Kay, I told her "you should learn Cantonese than at least you would not be clueless and understood what she was saying!" I, on the other hand, can understand Cantonese but cannot speak it properly therefore losing out on witty remarks to stupid cashiers at Chinatown.

Didn't stay for dinner as Kay needed to be at C's around 6.00pm. I dropped her off and she was so ready to hang out with someone her own age.

What a day! Time to soak my feet in some bubbles! :)

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