Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Shopping

Today, Kay and I went shopping with my mom. Kay's plans got cancelled last minute so she ended up spending the day with us which meant she was not a happy camper. Life's like that, she needs to learn sometimes you can't always have your way. I have decided that we need to plan our meals in advance which means we plan our dinners for the week. This way, I can make up a shopping list for grocery shopping once a week. Also, by doing this, we should be able to cut out wasted time and not having to waste any spoiled vegetables or meats. The bonus, I ABSOLUTELY HATE planning dinners on the bus as I'm on my way home or the times when I finally get home and I am standing at the fridge trying to figure out what to make. From now on, all I have to do is look on the calendar and see what's for dinner! No thinking, no planning, just do it.

But before I headed over to my mom's, Kay and I went back to Broadway street to pick up a $20.00 rain resistant jacket for myself. Yesterday, Kay and I spent most of the afternoon shopping for her and her snowboarding gear. Luckily, we ended up with some pretty good deals. I was thinking this shopping trip was going to cost me more than $300.00. On Broadway street, there are many stores that specialize in outdoor gear, one of these stores is a distributor of outdoor gear made in China so the prices are really low. We found Kay a water resistant outdoor jacket for $20.00 (Boxing Day Prices) because the store is trying to get sell all of their old stock. We headed further down to a consignment store to pick up some snow pants and we got an awesome deal on a pair of practically BRAND NEW snowpants for $21.00. We could not find her any goggles or thermal wear so we ended up at Oakridge Centre (after her laundry duties) and the mall was having a HUGE sidewalk sale, SWEEEET! I picked up a pair of poly/spandex track pants for Kay and we have decided that she can wear a cotton t-shirt under her sweater and jacket. I also picked up a couple of sweaters at 60% off at one of my favorite stores in Oakridge. That was our Saturday afternoon :)

Heading over to my Mom's after I picked up a jacket from Broadway, Mom and I decided to head over to Superstore to pick up some groceries. I had a list of what I needed for the week and I stuck to it. Wow, I can't believe I only spent $40.00 at Superstore. We did pretty good. Mom thought it was hilarious that I was only picking up ONE tomato and ONE carrot but really that is all I needed and if I was to buy a whole pack, it would go to waste therefore we stuck to our list. I am quite surprised that we did not sneak in a few extra items. Normally, a shopping trip to Superstore can cost us over $150.00 and half the stuff is not even GROCERY ITEMS. We did good. Superstore did not carry every item on my list, for example, Basil and Lemongrass Stalk. I planned our week with Thai Recipes because my cook books are on order and currently in transit to my workplace. I guess I will see them sometime next week. The only cookbook I currently own is a Thai Cookbook. This means, we are having Thai Week for our meals. I love Thai but Kay is a picky eater, she won't eat anything spicy so I will be leaving out the Red chilies in the recipes. But we NEED Basil. I will pick some up from Choices after work tomorrow.

After our shopping, we headed back because Mom wanted to make Lo Bak Gao or Chinese New Year Turnip Cake. We loooooove Lo Bak Gao! We only get it once a year (usually during Chinese New Year) but I think Mom should make it more often, it's a lot of hard work and I guess that's why we only have it once a year. When I finally buy my food processor, I will have to bring it over to her place when she announces that time again for making LBG. It's a family thing, we girls have to help out Mom. After peeling, shredding, cooking and steaming, the LBG was finally ready! But we could not take it home because it had to be cooled before slicing into it. I will have to pick my share up tomorrow after dinner. Yummy! I can't wait. Mom made dinner for us which was great and I got to take some home for lunch tomorrow. After dinner, Kay and I headed home. It's been a long and tiring weekend..... I missed my foot soak on Friday but I think this coming Friday, I will treat myself and book a pedicure at a downtown spa! :)

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