Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Louis Vuitton

I made a trip to the Louis Vuitton store at Hotel Vancouver cos HonHon is going to buy me a new agenda! I love having an excuse to go into this store even though I don't really need an excuse but having one makes it all the better! He is taking my Medium Monogram Agenda which means he's going to buy me a new one and I've decided on the Small Agenda in the Vernis line (cos it's my fave. line!) in the Pomme D'Amour cos I love this red, it's one of the best reds LV has come out with. So excited, I'm going to get it next month! Yeah :)

1 comment:

psychorich said...

Red? Really? Oh, wait, I get it.
After you get the agenda, you are going to say to me that the red agenda doesn't match any of your purses. You will then have an excuse to get a new purse.

I am one step ahead of you this time. HA!