Sunday, December 02, 2007

Shopping in a Snowstorm

Nothing stops us from shopping! Not even a snowstorm! Rhoda and I had plans to hit the Family and Friends Warehouse Sale at Torre Tagus in Richmond. I wasn't even sure that it was open but yep it was and gosh, there were a lot more shoppers than I had expected who would trek out in 10 cm of snow to shop at the warehouse sale. There were a ton of great stuff and gosh, I couldn't believe how great the prices were, although I was trying to stay within a budget, I had to put a few things back :( But when we got to the cash register, everything was 50% off the white tags so everything was even CHEAPER!! I quickly went back to grab the two items I put back :) I picked up a really cool laundry hamper for Kay and I, some candles, a really nice wine bottle holder, a couple of Xmas gifts. It was great, all under $50!! Nel and Rhoda ended up picking up a really cool black Xmas tree for $65 which is a great price cos these usually go for $300+! After the shopping, Nel headed home and we headed over to Canadian Tire (to find a shovel for Rhoda and a ice defroster spray for my mom) and Aberdeen Mall to Daiso. I love Daiso! So many great things for $2.00!! I was looking for plastic file folders with clips for my important and bulky documents and some regular flat clear plastic folders for other documents. I wasn't sure how many I should pick up but don't have enough and def. need to get some more. After Daiso, we headed back through the snowstorm to have dinner at my mom's. Mom had a ton of questions for Rhoda about her chinese movies and dvd burning which I could not be any help of. It was a great night and so cool to go shopping in the snow!

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