Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Rhoda!


What a great house party, intimate and cozy! Many of Rhoda's good good friends showed up and a few didn't but it was still a great night without those party poopers! No I'm joking, I'm pretty sure Lisa was not up to visiting cos she's so pregnant! It was nice to see everyone and everyone brought something yummy. I was suppose to bake the cake and feel so bad that I didn't but I did make a homemade dip with a veggie platter. But there was soooo much food left!! It was such a fun night and I think Rhoda had a great time! I was the last to leave cos I'm the BFF and I helped her clean up after the party. Great night, must do these more often. More photos of flickr.

PS. The black Xmas tree with the purple decorations look so awesome! Great job in decorating it! Head over to my flickr account to see it!

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