Sunday, December 23, 2007

Brunch at Crave

Today, Jas and I woke up early (on a freaking Sunday!!) to have brunch with Vince and Meryl at Crave on Main street. Apparently, they have a really great brunch and I agree, brunch was delish! But boy was it super busy today!! Lucky for us that Jas and I headed out early to get ourselves a table cos Vince said he was going to be there early, no reservations for brunch - first come first serve basis but me knowing Vince a little too well knew he wouldn't be there early if on time (which he wasn't by the way) and we got a table for us, 10 minutes after they arrived! The restaurant is really contemporary and I wish I could have taken more photos but my camera died before I got the chance. I, of course had pancakes but the next time I'm there, I'm def. gonna try the eggs benedict cos that's what Vince had and it looked delish! What a treat when Vince and Meryl took care of the bill as a Xmas present for Jas and I. Those two are super sweet and it was so nice to finally catch up with them! It's been too long!

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