Thursday, December 07, 2006

Xmas Party

(ok I'm a tad bit early but it was our company's Xmas party tonight)

This evening I went to the company Xmas party at the Four Seasons Hotel. It is such a lovely hotel! The food and the ballroom was perfect! Gosh did I have a ton of fun! We stayed until the end of the party which is a shock because last year, I didn't stay very long, I had two drinks and left right after the raffle draw. But this year, I managed to get a hold of 7 drink tickets, these tickets are priceless because for each drink ticket means you get a free drink at the bar. I was a bit surprised and happy to see that my division showed up, most of them anyways. The group I work with are not very social and we do not have social lunches or gatherings like other divisions. I managed to capture the moments with my camera. See photos for Xmas Party.

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