Friday, December 29, 2006

Days with Mom & Auntie Cece

For the last two days, I have been hanging out with my mom and auntie cece whom is in town from Alaska. She comes up every few months to buy stuff in Vancouver for her restaurant. She also comes into town to be Asian because she has no one in Anchorage to be Asian with! Things like play mahjong and shop in Chinatown. She is also a huge fan of flea markets and pawn shops and boy do we have plenty here in Vancouver. Yesterday, I had to drop Kay off in Richmond to her friend's place because she's going over there for two nights and three days. Since I was already in Richmond, I drove over to my brother's and we headed over to Parker Place to meet mom and auntie cece for dim sum at Floata Restaurant. The dim sum was ok and not the best I've had but it filled our stomachs just enough. After dim sum, we headed over to Aberdeen Centre to show auntie cece around and to check out Daiso and BMW store. Auntie cece was not too impressed with Daiso as she thought it was a little too expensive! Yes, $2.00 for every item is still too much money! She rather enjoy spending her $$ at the Dollar Store which really is the $0.80 store for her! ($1.00CND = $0.80USD) But she did end up buying something at Aberdeen, a beautiful sapphire pendant at a real bargain esp. in a Chinese jewellery store (Asian jewellery stores always jack up the price so you can bargain it down). She haggled for this piece until the poor sales lady was forced to phone her boss to see if he would let it go for $600. Auntie cece is an expert bargainer. She would not leave until she got the sapphire at her price! While she was discussing the final details with the sales lady, a pair of peridot earrings caught my eye. Even with the 50% off boxing sale price, regular price $750, she was only willing to bring down the price to $320. But my mom and auntie cece thought the earrings were still too expensive at that price. Mom and auntie cece tried to get it down to $220 but she would not sell them at that price nor call her boss for approval. She said another day maybe. Since none of us knew what the value of the peridot was, we had to say good bye. I checked out Ben Moss and found a lovely pair (with more diamonds) at $299! I think I will have to take a look at those and see them in person. I do have to say, the peridots at the asian place were very pretty and def. quality stones. We left the mall and headed over to OK Tire to check out my brother's tires which was the main reason we were out today. Found out some very bad news. The tire technician checked out my brother's tires and told us that they were so bald that these tires are not legally allowed to be on the road!! OMG, that is terrible! Mom was offering to buy my brother some used tires for his birthday but it looks like now she's got to buy them for him sooner!!! (His birthday is February). OK Tire did not have any used tires in his size nor would they be getting any soon as these tires were pretty hard to locate. New ones looking at $127.00 a tire. Ouch! That's about $600 with taxes!! Headed over to Sam's (mom's old friend who also owns a tire shop) but Warren and I do not trust Sam and we were very hesitant on going to see him. He did not disappoint us. His attitude STINKS, he is rude and obnoxious, has no clue what size the tires were (also not really wanting to give us the information), stated the tires were not that bad (what??!!) and offered to sell a set of (not so great tires) for $139 each!!! HELL NO. Kiss my @ss!!! Warren was not pleased and pretty damn upset with Sam. That was pretty much our day/early night. Mom and auntie cece headed home for mahjong and Warren drove me back to his place so I could pick up my car. It was a nice and quiet evening to myself.

Today, I went back over to my mom's because they were heading over to Chinatown to run errands and have all you can eat Japanese for dinner. What a crappy day to go to Chinatown! It was pouring rain and not a great day to be walking around windy Chinatown. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm but ended up in a mall instead. We headed over to have lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant by my mom's. Yummy! Good day for noodles in soup. After lunch we headed over to the Dollar Store because auntie cece wanted to pick up some items. R calls it the 20 Dollar Store because I always end up purchasing many items but I did good today, I only picked up $10 worth of items! :) And all very useful too! The traffic heading to Chinatown was pretty bad and it took us nearly 20 minutes to get there! It's a 10 minute drive! Gosh, it was cold in Chinatown and we were really in a rush because auntie cece decided last minute that she wanted to play mahjong instead of going to all you can eat Japanese! Mom was a little pissed off because auntie cece is only in town until Sunday morning and she already had two nights planned for mahjong. Also, how did auntie cece expect to get her shopping done if she was planning to play tonight? Didn't leave us much time. I think mom also really wanted to eat all you can eat Japanese as well! After Chinatown, we headed home and I decided I wasn't going to stick around for dinner mostly because there wasn't any dinner (they picked up some bakery items at Maxim's - no time for dinner, game started at 5:00pm!). It's going to be a nice quiet evening to myself again.

I also managed to finally update most of my blog these last two days. One reason being Kay is not home to hog the computer and another, I finally had time to edit all my photos for the blog! Hmm.. time to order some take out!

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