Friday, December 01, 2006

Beginning of December....

Wow!! Can you believe only 24 days until Xmas?? Sheesh... the year has gone by pretty darn fast!!

The DraMah
A very good friend of mine is going through some major changes in the next few months and IMO, not at all good. Even though at this time, it should be a celebration as this is an engagement, I feel very strongly about how wrong this is. She has worked so hard to get where she is and what she has become. In the years I have known her, she seems really happy with where her career is going. If she is not 100% sure of this, I do not think she should go through with it. It is not right to be pressured into this commitment by GUILT. I really really want (so badly) to tell her how I feel and how insane this is. This whole drama (me on the side, she hasn't told me how she feels) feels so unreal, like a soap opera on TV. AND I must remain quiet about how I truly feel and let her make her own choices and mistakes. She has a few people (close friends) helping her sort through this and hopefully, she will make a rational decision. I hope this all works out but no matter what I will be there for her. With smiles. Yes, I will be quiet and not give my honest opinion. Sometimes it's better just to stay quiet...... and that will be very hard for me to do!

The Good
  • My new Pioneer DVD Player works awesome. I was able to set up the system all by myself with no men around and it's taken up so little space because it now replaces my VHS Recorder and my old DVD player. Love it. Lots of functions that I will have to learn but I'm sure it'll be a snap once I read the manual.
  • I got a cool email from a marketing company (based in the US) asking me if I would review a movie on my blog, YES MY BLOG! called "The Devil Wears Prada". Apparently, they found a mention of the movie on my blog in June and sent me an email wondering if I would be interested in reviewing the movie. It would have to be posted on my blog and they will send me a copy of the movie. Mine to keep I assume. How cool is that?? I did reply back and said HELL YEAH! (ok, not in those exact words) but I do really love the movie and I am waiting for this to come out on DVD to purchase. But hey, if they want to send me a pre-release copy, why not? This movie is really really good but GO AND READ THE BOOK!
  • Most of my Xmas shopping is done. I said MOST. Not all but pretty close. A few items I need to pick up are some lotto tickets for co-workers and then I am pretty much done. I had pre-ordered some of my Xmas gifts online or purchased a few items a little earlier in November.
  • Weather is looking great! No snow and warmer temperatures to hit Vancouver this weekend.
  • It's FRIDAY! YEAH!!! (been a very looooooooong and tiring week)
  • Lots of Xmas parties/lunches happening soon which means I don't have to eat leftovers!
  • Planning a New Year's party with my closest friends! House party, yeah! But NOT at my place! ;)
The Bad

  • Xmas Gifts need to be wrapped. Xmas cards need to be filled and sent out.
  • R will not be in town for Xmas.
  • Need to fight the Xmas crowd this weekend to pick up a Xmas tree for Kay.
  • Need to head over to the mall to do some Xmas shopping for Kay.
  • Need to visit my Mom on Sunday which means not one day of rest for me.
  • Weight gain due to all the Xmas lunches and parties for this month.

Well I think that is pretty much all for now.... will update again......


continuitygirl said...

That's so cool about the Devil wears Prada, I wonder if I'll get asked to review stuuf?

peachy said...

sounds like you've got it all christmas all sorted i wish i had.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, have a great 2007.