Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day Sales

I really haven't gone to a Boxing Day Sale in a long time and we were planning to have a quiet, relaxing day at home but V called to let us know he was in the area and planned on heading over to Richmond to check out Broadway Camera's Boxing Day Sale. He asked if we were interested in joining him. I didn't think I would buy much of anything at Aberdeen Mall because I have gone there many times and walked out with nothing too dangerously expensive. Not counting Daiso or the asian Anime Stores because those are cute cheap items. But boy, did we do some damage today! All three of us were quite surprised how much we spent. Poor V, he picked up quite a few items for M (and she was already at Metrotown shopping for the Boxing Day Sales!). Well, he did pick up a couple of items for himself like a tripod for his camera and a cool F1 Track Jacket by Puma for BMW. After doing our shopping, we decided to stop ourselves from doing any more damage so we headed over to Northern Cuisine to have a snack but then M called to say she was going to catch a movie and since V wouldn't make it back in time to catch the flick, we decided to have dinner instead of a snack. Mmmmm yummy stuff, we ordered 2 dishes of Siu Long Bai (steamed pork dumplings with soup inside), a dish of handmade noodles with beef and scallions and deep fried fish with sweet and sour sauce. I didn't think it would be enough to feed us but it was just right. Kay practically finished a dish of Siu Long Bai all by herself! She is such a pig! :) After dinner, we headed over to Leisure Tea House to have bubble tea and to rest before heading back into Vancouver. Boy, did time fly by fast! After chatting and debating on a bunch of different issues (it's never boring when in conversation with V), we realized it was 9.10pm and we had to head back. On time, M called just as we left the tea shop and she was cool about having to wait almost 40 minutes before V could pick her up. He dropped us off and now I am super tired!

What a day we had! All that shopping.... for boxing day sale items, head over to Trishaopholic for great deals!

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