Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy 30th!

Tonight we celebrated RH's 30th birthday! Wow, I can't believe she's turning 30! It seems like yesterday that we were hanging out at the mall and skipping out on classes in high school ......


Wow, I've known RH since I was 15 years old and over the last 10 years, we haven't really been in touch. Over the years, we've managed to run into each other in the mall or downtown, we chat a little about what's going in our lives and yes, one day we should get together for coffee or something but never do. And every year, she sends me an evite to her birthday dinner and I always reply with a thank you and to wish her the best birthday ever even though I can't make it. But this year I decided to make more of an effort and be there to show her the love because she is one of my oldest friends. We also found out that we work about a block and half from each other, making lunch one time last month to catch up. She is doing great and there may be a future promotion in the upcoming year. She has always been very determined to do things and once she sets her mind, she's doing it or done it! She has a few things on the side and although it's not money makers, she's doing it because she loves fashion and enjoys it. It doesn't surprise me how well she's doing, she's always had it in her.

At the dinner, I got a chance to see some old faces and wow, how things have changed. Although, R is not married nor does she have any children, a few of her high school friends are married wit children or getting ready to settle. I can't believe how grown up everyone is. It is nice to see how supportive and strong her close friends are. Also a nice surprise was her little sister! I can't believe how grown up she is. She's turned into quite a beautiful young woman and I remember the days when she was a little girl helping my out with Kay. Now look at her! Wow. Gorgeous.

Well it def. was a nice night out and it was good to see everyone. Although I am not part of this group of friends, everyone was super nice and friendly. Some new faces in the group but def. a close knit group. I haven't really gone out for dinner with a group of friends in a long time so it was def. nice to eat out and have good company.

Lil Sis (her old babysitter) & Kay

RH, Kay & Lil Sis

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