Monday, February 01, 2010

Dance Class and Crepes with Tomina!

Tonite, I had pussycat hip hop dance class with Tomina but I was not looking forward to dance class as I had a very late nite but I was very excited to go for crepes after dance class! T & I are just now making fun and fools of ourselves in dance class, the dance instructor is now rapidly moving into a new routine and we are just not getting it so we've decided to make up our own moves in the dance class! We are having a hoot in class altho I don't think our dance instructor is appreciating the new moves we incorprate into her dance routine nor that we are enjoying the face that we are making fools of ourselves! Plus I'm sure she does not appreciate us leaving class 5 minutes before the class is over! Oh well, after quickly escaping from our horrible dance class, we headed over to crepes on Robson and ordered dinner! Mmmmm.... I love crepes so good! Next time tho, we are gonna order a french sub and spilt it so we can order a sweet crepe! We haven't tried a sweet crepe cos the regular crepes are so filling! I'm starting to enjoy Mondays as I look forward to hanging out with Tomina and going for crepes! Next month, we are thinking about taking an aerobics class or pilates! That will be fun!Kay also had her first McD shift tonite, it was only a training shift but it's still quite exciting. I can't wait til she gets a real shift cos I'll be one of her first customers! Tonite, she tried on her uniform and she got a special polo shirt for the Olympic weeks. It's so cute!

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