Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day with Family

This afternoon, Kay and I headed over to Richmond Centre cos she wanted to check out Aritzia's 50% off sale on the Park Life items (Olympic line). I didn't think I would find anything as I am not into the Olympic gear but I manage to find a grey poly cotton hoody for $57, marked down from $120! There is a very TINY Olympic logo on it which is good cos I wouldn't buy it if it was screaming Olympic memorabilia. Kay found the items she wanted and 3 items came under $130! She finally got paid last week and she really wanted to do some shopping plus she is out growing her hoodies so she needed to at least replace one of them. She's been very lucky to have Rhoda and Jes giving her their clothes but she's growing fast! After shopping, she had to catch the train to work and I headed over to my dad's place. I was meeting up with my brother, Tomina and my dad for lunch and then we were going to head downtown to the Louis Vuitton boutique at Hotel Vancouver. Of course, we ate lunch at my brother's fave viet restaurant, Lemongrass Grill and I dunno how he cannot get sick of eating the same thing EVERY weekend! After lunch, dad took his car back to his place and I went with them in their car to downtown. Traffic wasn't too bad so it didn't take us too long to get downtown and when we arrived in the core of downtown, we manage to get a good parking space on the street. I assume there's good street parking cos most people are taking transit into the downtown core for the events. First stop in downtown was Louis Vuitton so my brother could exchange his gift for the pair of sunglasses that he has beene eyeing for. I wanted to check the monogram Odeon bag as I am thinking about purchasing this for my trip to Asia. There was one in stock but it was scratched up on the back so I am on a waiting list for the next one to arrive. Hopefully, it'll be made in France like this one or I'll be very disappointed! After Louis Vuitton, we headed over to Gucci cos my brother is still debating on a white leather belt that he's been wanting to buy but it's white and that means it'll get stained very easily with his dark dark denim jeans. He didn't end up buying the Gucci belt so we decided to walk around Robson street since we put too much time in the metre. I ended up buying a yoga mat towel for Monday's yoga class at Lululemon for $40. We are to use a towel over the yoga mat and I could use just a regular bath towel but then it'd be so heavy to carry with all my stuff. This is lightweight and meant for yoga mats! After wandering around downtown, we decided to head over to Tinseltown to visit Kay at work! We were also getting quite thirsty from our lunch so we thought we'd drop by and pick up a drink for the ride back to Richmond. Wow, it was soooo busy at her McD's and her shift today was the drink runner!! After McDonald's, we headed back to Richmond and I stayed a bit longer to visit my dad before calling it a night. I decided to rent a couple movies, He's Just Not That Into You and March of the Penguins for the weekend.

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psychorich said...

After re-reading this post, I realized your comment regarding Kay that "she is growing fast". It seems to me that she has stopped growing. This is it. All done. ;)