Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Hay Fat Choy!

Gong Hay Fat Choy - Sun Leen Fai Lok!

May the year of the tiger bring much happiness and prosperity to you and your family & friends!!

Tonite, we celebrated CNY with my mom and grandma, we managed to get 7:45pm reservations at the Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot last minute! We have been meaning to try out this new restaurant in our neighborhood but never had the chance or by the time we decided, it was too late or they were too busy! My grandma was going to be treating us all to dinner and it was suppose to be just grandma, mom, brother, Kay and myself but Pablo was invited last minute. He had picked her up from work cos she was so dead tired and he didn't want her to transit home. He is a really good BF and totally adores Kay. She also knows it and sometimes takes advantage of him but he accepts it with a smile and sometimes with a few pokes but in the end he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Just like HonHon, altho he says he wasn't whipped that quickly in our relationship! HA! Whatever he thinks ~_^ Before we headed over to the restaurant for dinner, I helped my mom make "lo bak gow" a chinese turnip new year cake cos it's CNY! I shredded all the turnip (thank goodness I own a Kitchen Aid food processor!) while my mom chopped and cooked all the yummy toppings that get mixed into the shredded turnip! This is one of my fave dishes at CNY cos we love eating homemade "lo bak gow" cos the only other time you can eat it, is at dim sum but those are never as good as what my mom makes! After helping her with the CNY turnip cake, I went back downstairs to make my basil hummus cos I told Tomina I would bring her some on Monday cos it's so easy to make and she paid $4 for a bag of pita chips and small hummus! That is crazy!!!

We finally made it to dinner and on time but had to wait about 5 minutes for our table. I did check up on the reviews of this place before booking it and it did have some good reviews. I would have to say that it is a good price for all you can eat hot pot altho not everything on the menu is included in the "all you can eat", there were a few other items on the menu you could order but there would be a fee, the soup base is good and they did do a good job at keeping it full. But the service itself was not too good, typical of a chinese restaurant, the interior is nice as it was renovated before grand opening, and the menu itself had a good selection of dishes. Overall, we did enjoy the food and even tho I do not go to hot pot very often, I would recommend this one to friends. But they are really busy esp since they just opened so I'd def make reservations or wait until the hype of this new restaurant is over before going.

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