Saturday, February 06, 2010

Re-Organzing HonHon's Condo

This afternoon, Kay and I headed over to HonHon's condo to start reorganizing and cleaning up the condo so we could move into it. Gosh, i can't believe how much crap they have and how many of the SAME ITEMS they have! We spent about 2 hours cleaning and reorganizing only to come out with 2 free cupboards in the kitchen, a space in the main closet for our shoes and re-arranging the front entrance so it flows better. OMG, so much crap and so much dust! I can't wait til we move into that suite, I'll be saving so much $ on rent and hopefully, living more comfortably altho with the new extra costs of Kay's braces, I think I'll JUST be living more comfortably. Oh well, she's worth it..... :) Now if I could only work up the courage to tell my mom about our plans. I still have a few weeks as I plan on moving into his place April 1.

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