Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar & Dessert

Tonite, I headed over to Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar for dinner with good people for some great conversation and good times, I haven't seen these guys in a while. Also, it was partly to celebrate Jas's birthday except no one knew but me. I picked up Jas first and I wanted to give her the b'day gifts without making a big deal about it at dinner cos we didn't want anyone at dinner feeling uncomfortable about not knowing it was her birthday. I had picked up a pair of pretty earrings at Blue Rudy and I'm so happy that she loved her gift! It took me a while to go thru the store to find her something but I didn't want to just give her a GC as Kay had pointed out to me that it's a tradition that both of us pick out Holt Renfrew GCs for each other's birthday! But she's rite, it's def becoming a b'day tradition! But I wanted to pick up an extra something for her since she brought me back some Burberry items from her trip to Palm Springs in November but wouldn't let me pay for them!!! Once we were done with the gifts, we decided to head out a bit earlier for Yaletown and I'm glad we did cos it took us 30 minutes to get into Yaletown which is normally a 7 minute drive from her place. OMG, all these road closures are a pain in the @ss! But once we arrived, there were tons of street parking probably cos it was still early being 6pm. At Blue Water Cafe, there was a buzz in the air with such a lively bar scene but we soon realized a wedding reception was being held there! What a nice place to hold a small wedding reception, the party at the bar ended up being moved into a private room behind the main restaurant area. I think it would def be nice to hold your reception here if you had a small party as I do love the restaurant, the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. Plus you can take your wedding photos right outside in the heart of Yaletown! How very convenient :) Shel, Kitty, Charly and Rosa soon arrived after we sat down and once we all caught up a bit on each other's lives while ordering drinks, it was time to decide on the food, I was happy to hear that everyone was excited and interested in sharing the Seafood Tower! This was one of the main reasons I choose to meet up for dinner cos the last time I was here with , I saw a table next to us order this tower. You can't really share it unless you have at least 6 people and lucky for us, there were 6 of us and just the perfect amount to share! The fresh seafood and oysters did not disappoint and the presentation of this tower was pretty but not as pretty as Coast as per Shel & Kitty. I couldn't believe they were able to get into Coast! Apparently, Shel knows one of the managers and he never has a problem getting a reservation, I told him how hard it is to get in at dinner time and I was hoping to get a reservation within a reasonable time with HonHon cos we really wanted to go. Thank goodness for hookups! Shel said he'd be happy to get us a reservation next time he's in town, I said hey maybe we could all get together again at Coast and everyone can reacquaint themselves with HonHon, altho I'm not so sure HonHon will be too thrilled with the idea of a large gathering! He's so shy and quiet! Until of course the conversation starts to get going or the conversation turns into the topic of cars, Simpsons or business! Shel & Kitty both agreed that if I loved Blue Water than I would def love and enjoy Coast, so now I am SO EXCITED and can't wait to hit Coast Restaurant! After all the delicious food and great conversations, we didn't want it to end so soon so we continued our nite by heading out for dessert, we decided on Sweet Obsession since Rosa and Charly had not been there before. It was a great way to end the nite and the next time we get together will be either a BBQ fest at Shel's place or a roast pig on a spit at Charly's! Good Times!!!

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