Monday, February 15, 2010

Giving up my Louis Vuitton Handbag

I have been doing some serious thinking over the weekend and I've decided to give up my Louis Vuitton bag cos I want HonHon to use that money to pay off his BMO mastercard instead. I know that he would do whatever it takes to buy me something I want and I know he enjoys buying me these things to make me really happy but I'm going to be selfless and give up the bag. I don't really need another Louis Vuitton handbag in fact, I don't really need any more handbags! I do have a number of very beautiful handbags that I could use to travel with. HonHon was quite shocked when I mentioned this to him and he wanted to be sure that he was chatting with the right person! But it felt sooooo GREAT to pay off the HSBC Mastercard and I'd like him to do the same with his BMO. This CNY has inspired me to be more careful with my money and to start saving instead of spending it all. Even tho I do enjoy shopping and spending my money, there are other things in life that I could do with the money. Plus, he plans on buying my airplane ticket to Asia this October and he wants to go to Maldives next Spring, I think it would be a wonderful feeling if we could do it without worrying about our mounting credit card debts.

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