Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Boathouse English Bay & Olympic Store

Tonite, I headed out for dinner with Jas cos I had a coupon for The Boathouse. The coupon was going to expire tomorrow but we could only use it from Monday to Thursday, go figure. It was a 3 course meal with a number of choices for each item and for the dessert, you could substitute a glass of white or red wine and the price? Only $24.99 per person limit 2. We both chose the soup to start, which was amazing, I chose the lobster ravioli and Jas chose the lobster/shrimp stuffed chicken breast with veggies and wild rice, and we both skipped the creme brulee and went with a glass of wine instead. The entrees were delicious but the wines were blah! Neither of us are big fans of Jackson Triggs so it was a bit disappointing. My brother and Tomina also had a coupon but their reservations were a bit later and she messaged me to let me know we really missed a good dessert! Oh well, I was pretty stuffed from the pasta but I did end up picking up a couple of cupcakes to go (Cupcakes on Denman is just a couple blocks from The Boathouse) after dinner. We got a nice table right by the window so we had a beautiful view of English Bay altho the weather was awful, it was still nice to look outside.

After dinner, we were on our way home but before doing so, Jas wanted to stop into the Olympic store at The Bay to pick out another Canada long sleeve shirt for the Olympics. Her office is allowing them to wear jeans and Olympic attire during the next 2 weeks so she needed a couple more pieces to mix up her wardrobe. She convinced me that once inside the store, I would become so engulfed with the patriotism that I myself would feel the need to buy a Canada shirt or at least one small item like the Canada red mitts (that EVERYONE has), she really thought she was going to see me buy a pair of those mitts. I told her once inside that she'd be disappointed that I would not feel the need nor the desire to do so. Once inside the store, it was chaotic, with crowds of people purchasing like crazy and the MESS in the boutique was enough to make feel the NEED OR URGE to run out of there as fast as I could! Instead I stuck around and helped her find the long sleeve shirt that she NEEDED but in the end she didn't buy it cos of my "humbug" attitude! As my thoughts of her buying another shirt was CRAZY on spending another $30 for what would only last 2 weeks and then become discarded with no use. She decided she would buy it tomorrow cos I seemed to MAKE SENSE. Hahahaha.... oh well.... I'm just NOT THAT INTO the Olympics! But GO CANADA GO!

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