Thursday, February 04, 2010

TNA hoodie

It turned out to be a lovely afternoon! With the sunshine out which we hadn't seen in days, I decided to head over to Robson Street and check out Lululemon and Aritzia for a hoodie. I've been meaning to find a thicker hoodie for my workout clothes. I have a Hello Kitty one but it's not that thick and I do have a Roots faux fur-lined hoodie but that one I leave at work cos our office can get pretty cold esp with the summer months cos the air con is blasting. I am not a huge fan of Lulu's hoodie but I thought I would check them out anyways since I still had a paypal credit but I ended up not liking any of the colours nor do I like the style of the hoodie, so off to Aritzia which they carried a few types of hoodies. Tomina had bought one there last week and she said it was $77 with taxes but she bought the classic fit and the material was a bit lighter (similar to my Hello Kitty). I ended up finding a slim fit heavy weight fleece for $85 (not including tax) and I really liked the way it looked and it's so comfy so I ended up picking one up in a dark grey colour. So happy with my purchase, can't wait to wear it on Monday, we are gonna be matching bum buddies!! Hahahaha....

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