Sunday, February 21, 2010

Zeal Hair Salon

Shingo, master stylist at Zeal Hair salon on Robson street SAVED MY HAIR!!!! I didn't realize how BUTCHERED my hair was until I took a shower this morning and realized the girl really did butchered my hair!!! Guess you can't expect much for $20 at a viet salon!! OMG, I should have known better than to expect to have my hair cut, the girl basically chopped off 4 inches in 10 minutes!!! If I had known how she was going to "cut" my hair, I would have walked out and not let her touch it. With all my whining and crying this afternoon, Kay firmly said to calm down and we could fix it today. She dragged me to her salon downtown as she had an appointment right before her shift started. It was a good thing that she did cos I was pretty devastated and getting depressed about my hair. Luckily a master stylist was available to fix my hair, I didn't really want any more hair taken off altho I anticipated that I may need to cut it to my chin to fix this disaster but Shingo, master stylist, was awesome! He managed to save my length by making the layers more even altho the other girl did not give me "layers". He took an hour to cut my hair which is about the right amount of time as I'm normally booked in for an hour and half for my hair cos my hair is so thick. Thankfully, it looks so much better now and my hair's length is even. Kay and Shingo saved the day!

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