Wednesday, February 03, 2010

5 year recognition

Today I finally received my 5 year recognition email from head office! My start date at the company is Jan. 4 so this email is about 1 month late but better late than never! Yeah! This year, there are a few more gifts than last year and the 5 year recognition was recently created as the first milestone, it used to be 10 years. If I stayed with this company for another 15 years, for my 20th year, I would get a trip to Montreal for the weekend, put into a fancy hotel and attend a fancy dinner held by the head office, Montreal is where our head office is located. That is such a cool and sounds like a fun FREE trip to Montreal! I am looking forward to that if I ever make it that far! Now what I should I choose for my gift? Hmmm.... the choices....

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