Sunday, February 14, 2010


Tonite, I celebrated an early CNY with my dad cos my brother and I were planning on celebrating CNY with my mom and grandma this Sunday. Kay was suppose to attend this dinner with us but she did not read her schedule properly and ended up missing her afternoon shift! They wanted her to come in during the evening to cover the missed shift, right now they are super busy with the Olympics being in town so she had to go in. A bit disappointing but she did end up coming after work to spend some time with her gramps after a long and tiring shift. I had a few errands to do before heading over to my dad's, first I had to pick up some BBQ for dinner, chinese oranges for good luck and some coconut dessert, I picked up the BBQ items from Chong Lee Market on Renfrew Street cos they have the bestest BBQ! I walked over to T&T to pick up a basket of oranges, lucky red candy and Kay's fave coconut dessert. Thank goodness I did so cos T&T's parking lot was like rush hour, there are so many people picking up last minute items for CNY! Once I finished my errands, I headed home to rest a bit before getting ready to see my dad. Before heading over to my dad's place, I went upstairs to wish my mom and grandma an early HNY and giving them some of the lucky oranges I picked up at T&T. Driving into Richmond wasn't too bad but I made a quick stop at Future Shop to pick up CD I have been wanting, once at my dad's placed, I chilled out with Tomina most of the nite. She, ever so thoughtful, picked up a box of chocolates and gave Kay and I the cutest card for Valentine's Day! At dinner, there was so much food again (my dad always overcooks) but it was yummy! Lots of leftovers for Kay as well since she was coming by after her shift. I watched a movie with my dad and surfed the internet while we waited for Kay to arrive. Kay is so spoiled, her bf went into Tinseltown to pick her up so he could drop off her in Richmond! It took them 45 minutes cos of the Olympics in the area, CNY festivities at Tinseltown, and Richmond had an Olympic event so there was so much traffic! When she finally arrived, Tomina and I headed into Richmond Centre area to pick up a couple of BBTs and a crispy chicken for herself (as she doesn't eat beef or pork and that those were the main dishes at dinner). But before leaving for BBT, my dad's crazy neighbor downstairs came up to bitch as us about being disrespectful to our neighbors saying we were making too much noise and the heels on the floors were keeping her up! OMG, she IS CRAZY!! I was like WHATEVER, talk to the *insert swear word here* HAND! If she wasn't such a crazy b!tch about it, I would have been like sorry, I'll be more quiet, I'm pretty sure the noise were coming from my heels. But she came up kicking and screaming, looked like she was going try to hit us! F----d up people live in my dad's building and I wish he NEVER moved there! I do believe that the main reason he moved there is cos of the the lady & boy, too many people in his small condo in Burnaby! Oh well. After picking up our stuff and finishing our visit with dad, it was time to get home cos Kay had an early shift in the morning! We left his place around 1:15am and by the time Kay went to bed at 2am, she's gonna have very little sleep to be up at 6am for her 7am shift! Oh my!

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