Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Dinner - Double Date?

Tonite, my mom and I headed out for dinner cos I offered the nite before but she already had plans. This was a step towards making amends since we had not spoken in 3 weeks cos we are both stubborn and didn't want to take the first step. I did try to speak to her a couple of weeks ago but she was still seemed annoyed with me so I didn't try again. I think she also tried to take the next step by picking up a pineapple juice for us cos she knows how much we love it. That was kinda funny since both Kay and I couldn't figure out if we had picked up too many or if we had forgotten that we had an one in the fridge already!! My mom had caught a cold a few days before and wasn't feel too well so we decided to go to Congee House on Broadway cos I was to pick up Kay from Pablo's place. Since the restaurant was in the same neighborhood, I figured we could head over there right after dinner. But to our surprise, Kay and Pablo were also at the congee house! We ended up joining their table and even tho I think Kay was a bit embarrassed by us but Pablo insisted that we sit with them! Mom and I ordered a congee and rice noodle dish to share while those two had already ordered their own dinner, I know that Pablo was gonna pay for their dinner but when the bill came, I insisted that I pay the entire meal. After dinner, we drove Pablo back to his place before heading over to Cheesecake etc cos my mom wanted to pick up a cheesecake. Gosh that cheesecake is not cheap but it is sooooo good and so worth it! Total cost of dinner $41, total cost of dessert $33 cost, to have a meal with Kay and Pablo? Priceless :)

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