Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dim sum yum yum!

Today at lunch, I met up with Robyn and Ingrid at Kirin Seafood Restaurant in Richmond Centre. This is one of my fave places to go for dim sum cos they have this glutinous sticky rice dish THAT IS THE BEST THERE. I love that dish! But Kirin does not serve it as a small dish, it's a regular dish that you have to order so I ordered it to go for later and for Kay's lunch. It was nice to catch up with Robyn and Ingrid since I hadn't seen them both in at least 2 years! Since Robyn moved out of the Cambie Area back in 2007, Ingrid left the downtown insurance company (in the same building as I) and moved into a government job in Richmond. We caught up on all sorts of things, I can't believe that Robyn's daughter Jessa is now 18!!! Wow, how time flies! Her little Leo is getting so big too, I can't believe he's almost 4!! Wow!! It was so good to see them and both are doing pretty good. We made a promise to meet up with each other again, very soon not letting 2 years pass. I wish I had taken photos of all my pretty and yummy dim sum but I was so hungry and we were talking so much that I didn't even think about taking photos! Next time! Yum yum Dim Sum!

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