Monday, January 18, 2010

Treats and Tooth Extraction!

This morning, I received some nice treats from Erin cos she had thought of me over the weekend when she was at the Gourmet Warehouse. She picked up a very nice balsamic vinegar (the old, expensive and well flavoured one) called Aceto Balsamic di Modena aged 8 years (mmm!) and a pure almond extract! She also wanted to buy me the glass salad shaker but GW was out of stock. She is so sweet and thoughtful, I think she wanted to pick up a little something for me cos over the last few weeks, I had given her a quite a number of items from my wardrobe cos she has lost so much weight! So proud of her :) And so very dedicated!!

This afternoon, Kay got one of her teeth pulled out and she was suppose to have two done but she was too scared and not ready to do two teeth at once. Dr. Lo was very kind and easy with her saying she could get them done all separately but I said no. She is going in for two more appointments, one of them, she has to pull two out at once! Every time she goes in for an appointment, it costs me more $$!! At least she is getting braces and she should be so lucky! It costs a small fortune to get this done and I now wish I did go with braces but was too scared of our family dentist to do so. But in the long run, it would have been worth it! Now I will have to spend another 6K to get mine done when hers are done. I really need to get them done, my top front teeth are really bothering me now. More so than when I was a teenager! Dang it....

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