Saturday, January 30, 2010

HSG / Sala Thai

Last nite, I met up with Ben and we headed over to Hamilton Street Grill for their steak special of $20.10!! What a price! We had a choice of soup or salad, we both chose the cream leak and potato soup and a sirloin steak with mash or french fries served with a side of seasonal vegetables. Oh it was so good! We also made room to share our most fave dessert, ginger bread pudding with ginger and pumpkin ice cream! Mmmmm.... so good and so filling! Also, it was so nice to catch up with Ben since I hadn't seen him in ages! We caught up on life and he told me about this gigantic cookie that he is driving back to Whistler for! I told him to pick up one for me cos I can't believe how HUGE this cookie is! Great way to end a long and tiring week, I hope to catch up with Ben more often cos I think the last time I saw him, it was almost 5 months ago!!

Tonite, Jas and I headed over to Sala Thai on Cambie street for dinner cos we hadn't gone for Thai in so long and we had lots to catch up since she's been away on business for two weeks! She's super tired and needs a break so she is thinking about flying to Beijing and London in March for a mini break. I think it's a good idea for her and even tho I wouldn't fly all the way out there to visit Beijing, I think it's good for her to get out of this city. It has been a pretty long and tiring year for her so she def deserves a long overdue holiday. It would be good for her to get out of this city too since this recent business trip doesn't count! I do wish and hope her company will finally sign her on as a full time employee so she can have a more steady and stable future at this place. She's been on a contract for a few years and I think she's ready to sign or move on to something new. But I know she would rather stay with her current employer, crossing my fingers! Can't wait for dinner next weekend, we are going to Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar to sssshhh celebrate Jas's birthday and to catch up with everyone! It will be so nice to see everyone as we hadn't seen each other in sooooo long! (Sorry no pics of food!)

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