Monday, January 04, 2010

Louis Vuitton, Aritzia, Browns

Today at lunch, Jas and I headed over to Louis Vuitton cos I rec'd a call over the weekend that my handbag had arrived and they would hold it for me until I looked at it. I could not purchase the bag so I had to release the item back to the store stock :*( The handbag is MORE BEAUTIFUL in person and I was really sad that I had to hand it back to the SA. At first, the SA mentioned this would be a regular stocked item and I didn't think that sounded right cos LV only had 3 styles in this leather. But she reassured me that the next time HonHon was in town, I could most def order it. Before leaving the store, Jas wanted to walk around and thank goodness we did cos the SA checked with the manager and found out that THIS WAS LIMITED. It is part of the Spring collection and there is no guarantee that this bag will be available for order or in stock in a few months! UGH!!! It is so beautiful and if I didn't have to put Kay's braces (the hardware and installation) fee of $1200, I would have def charged it to my credit card!!! Sadly, I had to leave it behind and hope and pray that HonHon will either find it in Taipei or it will still be available for order the next time he is in Vancouver. I am sure that handbag will not last long at the boutique, it will probably sell within a matter of a week :( It's suppose to be MINE!!! Oh well, to cheer myself up and cos Jas wanted to go, we headed over to see if Aritzia had any good sales on the denim, we decided to hit the Aritzia on Robson street. We manage to find a great deal on William Rast denim, sale price $99 from $300 but unfortunately, they did not have my size and size 26 were 1 1/2 sizes too big! But the sales girl suggested I buy them cos they are such a great price plus they fit me really nicely and if I take them to a tailor, he could easily alter them to my size. At this price, that is a great idea! So I purchased them cos I have been wanting a pair of WR jeans for 3 years plus these ones looked awesome on me!! After Aritzia, we headed over to B2 shoes cos I found a pair of flat suede boots for $70 (half price) online but the online ordering system wasn't working (for a few days) so I wanted to see if B2 could bring them so I could take a look at them and to try them on. The SA found the boots I was looking for in their catalog and ordered them in for me since they never did carry these ones in the store. I should be expecting them next week, how exciting! I don't know why but I'm really getting into flat boots! I think cos it's winter and I am now starting to enjoy wearing boots!

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