Saturday, January 02, 2010

Joey's, Sherlock Holmes, SIP

Tonite, I headed out with Jas for a long overdue get together cos we haven't seen each other in WEEKS! We decided to meet up at JOEY'S cos I had a gift card from the last time I ate there (my ahi tuna was overcooked and ruined my lunch!) so I wanted to see if they could redeem themselves this time around. I ordered the ahi tuna salad and asked them to give me a thicker slice not the "fillet" or "steak" cut and I wanted it RARE. It turned out really good this time around! We caught up on life and WOW so much has happened! I hope 2010 brings her lotsa happiness and prosperity cos she really could use it! It's been a tough year and the last couple years hasn't been too good to her :( After our meal, we decided to share the apple pie dessert, oh dear that is so yummy! Once we were done, we headed over to the theatre (30 minutes before the movie was to start) and couldn't believe how BUSY it was!! We didn't even get to sit up in the middle, we ended up in the bottom rows but it wasn't too bad cos we were in the 2nd row but still it was pretty close to the screen!!! Sherlock Holmes turned out to be a really exciting movie and I really enjoyed it! We both did! Also can't wait to see SH 2 cos we think there will be one with the way the movie ended it. I love Robert Downey Jr and he def has a smoking hot body in this movie. Plus I really like how they made Sherlock Holmes a bit of a bad boy :) Very well done! After the movie ended, it was still early around 9:20PM so we decided to have a drink and some appy's at SIP lounge, they have the best beer battered fries...mmm... oh dear, I def need to go on a diet starting MONDAY!! Too many dine outs and too much junk in my trunk! Ha! We sat there for an hour and a bit before calling it a nite, it was a bit loud in the loud, they had a DJ spinning but it wasn't that good. R, Jas's friend, ended up calling to see what she was up to and even tho they were gonna head out for some more, I was getting tired and needed to go home cos I would have to pick up Kay soon. It was a great nite catching up with Jas and now I have gotta start planning her birthday! Wow, how this year has already gone by so fast!!

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