Saturday, January 09, 2010

Road Trip & Hot Pot

OHMYGAWD..... Mission is SO FAR.... coming from the city and going to Mission is like a mini road trip! Gosh, I am such a city girl!! It's only about an hour away but really it is so far! This afternoon, Kay, Rhoda and I headed out to Mission to take a look at some Pomeranian pups that I saw online last week. One of these pups caught my eye cos it looked similar to Ari and I was in love with him. After speaking to the breeder and getting my credentials in order (yes I had to give her references and fill out a two page questionnaire, one serious breeder!), I realized I was in love with the wrong pup. She had not yet posted new photos of "Jasper" and in fact, I was in love with a female pup named Esme. Oh gosh, now I am not sure what to be expecting since I was in love with the beautiful pup I thought was Jasper and when we finally arrived, a few hours later (long story short, we needed to give her some time to prepare the pups for showing), he was def not WHAT I was expecting :( Esme was the adorable pup online and in the end I didn't end up buying any of them cos of many reasons, one being Esme's price $1500 (with NO PAPERWORK), er I don't think so! Going out there wasn't a big loss since now I know exactly what I want and do not want. Ari came from a particular breeder that breeds "teddy bear" Pomeranians and yes they do cost a bit more but their faces are much cuter cos they really do remind you of a teddy bear :) I've decided that when I'm in Taipei this fall, I will look and see if I can find a cute "teddy bear" Pomeranian pup (very popular in Asia and Ari was Taiwanese) :) Now I will continue to wait and hopefully, one day I will be able to bring home another Pomeranian or I could always adopt a small dog from a shelter, there are so many unwanted dogs out there :( After the long drive back, we basically spent the afternoon in Maple Ridge / Mission, we returned to my house so Kay could quickly get ready for a b'day dinner cos I had said I would drive her to her BFF's place so they could go together. But Rhoda and I had a hot pot dinner at her friend's house so we quickly rushed back into Burnaby and to my surprise, met up with an old friend back in high school days!! It was nice to see her again and everyone at the dinner was super nice. It was very relaxed and an entertaining nite! Now must catch up on some sleep......

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