Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend of Fun!

Wow, what a weekend I had! But I can't believe it's almost over ...

Friday nite was a birthday dinner with one of Rhoda's really good friends. We had dinner plans at Spaghetti Factory in Richmond, I've never been to SF and IMO the food is alright for a chain restaurant but I don't think I'd go back unless it was another dinner party. After dinner plans were laser light bowling next door but it was so busy and we were put on a waiting list. I've never done the laser light bowling and can see why it's so busy, it looks like a lot of fun but it was getting late and I had a very long week at work so I was ready to crash and quickly.

Saturday, Kay and I headed over to the dentist office for her last tooth extraction and thank gawd that's all done cos I was getting a bit pissed that she had to do it THREE times. Just thinking that every time she goes into the dental office it costs me extra $$. But thankfully, we had no issues removing this last tooth and she didn't even seem like she was in that much pain. After the dentist, we were going to stop at Cupcakes for a cupcake but it was getting late and Pablo was waiting for her at the park. He planned to take her to Richmond and downtown for the afternoon and spoil her so she'd be in a happier mood. At home, I had a bit of a small late lunch before getting ready for the party tonite. Yes another party but not a birthday party! A company kick off party with Rhoda, I was helping her with this party as she tends to throw this party alone or with little help. The party was being held at at Steamworks in Gastown and they were going get their own private area for the party. A couple of years ago, they held it there too but it the upstairs area and it was so much fun. It's nice to get your own private room to hold a party altho at times, other people in the bar/restaurant will walk in and "pretend" to be looking for someone or something. I was a bouncer a few times, having to stop people from walking into the party. It was a fun nite as always and I didn't get wasted at all this year, thankfully I had to drive so I stayed sober :) The nite ended with a freaking parking ticket but the company is covering it and I drove Rhoda's boss and her co-worker/friend home cos her boss was way too drunk to go home on his own and her co-worker/friend's ride left the party early which meant she was gonna taxi it all the way to Richmond, Stevenston area, I wasn't gonna let that happen! I wish I had remember my camera but I didn't so I don't have any photos! But Rhoda / Jes 's cameras should have some, I will post some when I get them :)

Sunday - In the afternoon, I drove Kay to Tinseltown for her second interview at McDonald's. She had her first interview last week and it went well. This interview, she was meeting up with the higher managers and I'm pretty sure she got the job right on the spot last week but due to procedures, she had to have a second interview. I waited for her in Daiso, OMG, I can buy so many items in that place but I didn't. I only picked up a few items for the kitchen and fridge which costs me just a bit over $20. Pretty good considering I could spend well over $40 in the Richmond Daiso! After Tinseltown, we headed over to Superstore to pick up some groceries. We didn't find everything we needed of course but enough to make it thru the week. After Superstore, we headed over to HonHon's place to check his mail and see what / how we could clean up and organize his place so we could live in it. I'm thinking it might be time to move out of the basement suite and pay no rent so I can start saving $$ and live a little bit easier since Kay's braces are gonna cost me $300 a month! We decided to stop by Bubble World to pick up a bbt to go before heading home. Instead of cooking dinner, I treated Kay to Taiwanese beef noodle soup at Kalvin's Restaurant on Victoria Street cos they have the best beef noodle soup! We wanted to eat in but it was super packed (as it is always on a Sunday) and there would be at least a 30 minute wait for a table for two! So we decided to go with take out and the next time we decide to eat there, we'll make reservations! It was so yummy....mmmm.... a great way to end the weekend!

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