Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shopping Addiction....

Oh dear. I have a problem and it's a huge one. I have been SO GOOD at not shopping most of 2009 that I guess all the build up of NOT shopping has full blown into LOTSA shopping!!! I avoided boxing week but ended up purchasing some items after boxing week like a new BlackBerry bluetooth (which I lost *angry face*), a Sony 7" digital frame (beautiful and I love it), a pair of suede flat grey boots from Browns (Reg $140, Sale $60), a couple of tops from Aritizia (not too expensive and had to use up a PC gift card) and a very pretty and perfect Lululemon bag (Reg $58, Sale $44 which I used my paypal "credits" to purchase) and that was pretty much it. But last nite, I headed over to Metrotown with Tomina to help her do some shopping, I didn't find anything throughout the mall but 15 minutes before closing, we decided to head over to Winners. OMG, I found a new shipment of Soi & Kyo jackets and only 1 XS in this style and colour!! I love their jackets cos the fit is slimming and very tailored plus I love how unique their designs are! At the price of $99, how could I resist? Obviously, I did not :( I was so close to getting out of Metrotown without spending ONE CENT. The nite ended with a take out BBT for the road cos shopping for 2 hours straight is a lot of work ;-) Today at lunch, I headed over to Sephora cos I was looking for a concealar but Metro didn't have the one I was looking for but neither did PC! Since I didn't make any large purchases at Sephora, I decided to see if H&M had any pretty dresses (cos I couldn't find any at Metro last nite) and found 2 very tailored and inexpensive dresses for work!!! Two dresses for $100!! OMG. WTF is wrong with me??!!?? I should have walked RIGHT OUT OF PACIFIC CENTRE but did a stop at Aritzia on the way out cos it's on the way out and found a beautiful Mackage leather jacket for only $399 (Reg $550) and it's beautiful! Feels like butter and the colour is perfect for dark denim :) I was looking at one yesterday but it was priced at $575 and is nice but I couldn't justify the purchase. This is a steal at that price cos it's like a warehouse price and I don't have a nice leather jacket so I can def tick that off the list!! OMG, no more shopping!!!

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