Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lunch with the Girls!

Today, I met up with C and M for a long over due lunch and to catch up on gossip and girl talk. We haven't seen each other since M left but she has been super busy studying for her mid-term which she took this morning. I know she did kick@ss on this mid term cos she studied every single day for over a month! I can't wait to hear the scores but I am certain she aced the exam! C & M came by to pick me up and we headed over to Oliver Twist Pub on Edmonds street, this seems to be our thing, pub food for lunch :) Burger platters at the pubs are always the best, it's so much better than Milestones or Cactus Club and it costs less plus there's more food! I think this will be our official theme, pub food for lunch and take out for dinner! After our lunch, we headed over to Metrotown for some frozen yogurt and while we ate our yogurt, we sat in a lounge area to chat and people watch. We always have such a good time together and we can talk about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. No judgment, no criticism, no funny looks or worried thoughts about what words are coming out of your mouth or thoughts out of your brain. Plus I love how they can relate to my "lunatic" tendencies and even encourage or add to my ideas while others would find them strange. I heart these girls!

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