Friday, May 07, 2010

Day trip to Bellingham

"Healthier" Double Down Sandwich (Grilled)
Original Double Down Sandwich
Hello Kitty NERD t-shirt
Tropical Hello Kitty

Today, HonHon and I took a mini road trip to Bellingham, WA cos we needed to pick up his package of K9 discs for his dog that I ordered for him last week and he wanted to eat the Double Down sandwich at KFC. We picked up his package before heading over to Bellis Fair to find the KFC but there is no KFC in the food fair! We walked around the mall a bit before hitting the road to find a KFC. I checked for 7 for all Mankinds at Macy's but this one does not carry the 7s. As we walked pass the Build A Bear, they were featuring a Tropical Hello Kitty which means she's tanned not white! OMG, so cute and I had to have one! There was also one Special Anniversary Hello Kitty left but HonHon would not let me buy that one :(, she looks exactly like my HK but came with a LE necklace, bow and heart patch on her body. I should have bought it and given it to Rhoda or Kay :( Oh well, I have so many Hello Kitty items! After BAB, we walked over to Target to see if they had any HK items cos I know they stock tons of HK stuff but nothing for me :( After that, we decided it was time to look for the closest KFC so he could have his DD sandwich as this was part of the reason we did the road trip. As we walked back to where the car was parked, we passed a store that sold all sorts of t-shirts and body jewelery and it was shocking to see a Hello Kitty stand in the middle of this store! Hello Kitty against body piercing and rock / goth items! Def caught my eye and I ended up with a Hello Kitty NERD shirt, omg, she is so cute! Two HK items in a span of 30 minutes, woohoo! Lucky me :) Since there was no KFC in Bellis Fair, we used my Poynt application on my Crackberry to locate the closest KFC which ended up taking us to a residential area past downtown Bellingham. The KFC was no longer there but it def looked like it once was one as the business that took over the building didn't get rid of the drive thru window! All was not lost, another 20 minutes away was the next KFC and it was pretty neat driving thru downtown Bellingham as I have never been. HonHon was so excited to see the KFC and it was interesting how KFC and A&W were connected! We ordered 2 DD, mine was the "healthier version" a grill DD and a side of A&W onion rings! But the onion rings are not as good as the ones in Vancouver. After our meal, we decided to call it day since I had to head back to Burnaby so I could help Rhoda move the wardrobe from downstairs into the new bedroom upstairs. It was a fun and entertaining day but I don't have any pics cos I didn't bring my camera :( Just the pics of my Crackberry :)

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psychorich said...

The DD was worth every mile of the drive. I wouldn't call it delicious, but was very decent nonetheless. Hey, at least you can say that you have tried it. Now how many Canadians can say that?