Saturday, May 29, 2010

EAT Vancouver & Prince of Persia

Today I met up with Jas and we headed over to EAT Vancouver at the new Vancouver Convention Centre. Wow the new convention centre is so nice! Wish I remembered to bring my camera but I did not :( I figured the exhibition would be huge since it was held at the VCC but it was not. We were slightly disappointed with EAT Vancouver and it seemed much smaller than the years before. Maybe cos EPiC had the larger section, I don't know but I didn't know both events would be held the same weekend, maybe I will try to get to EPiC tomorrow. But of course at EAT, I did end up with some good products from EAT, I picked up 12 pairs - yes, 12 pairs of gloves from u-like gloves that have a velvety soft lining and are latex free, also reinforced fingertips which makes these gloves last 6 months or longer! Regular price $3.99/pair but at the exhibit, $1.99 a pair of 12 for $20! I also picked up 3 packs of Milsean Demerara Butter Crunch, 3 for $24! That's a great price and I'm so addicted to these! My project director's wife picked up a few of these bars for me a couple of Xmas's ago and when I googled them, I found out these are made right out of Aldergrove but you can only buy them at their store which made me very sad since I never go out to Aldergrove. I have been craving for these for a while and was so excited they were at EAT. I was so excited that I bought THREE bags to take home. The SA mentioned you can now purchase the butter crunch on their website so happy to hear that cos I'm sure I'll finish these in no time! After EAT, we were going to Robson Street to do some shopping but we ended up watching Prince of Persia instead cos Sex and The City 2 was sold out!! Prince of Persia was full of action and Jake Gyllenhaal was super HOT in the movie but the storyline was blah. After the movie, we decided to call it a day cos the weather was so crappy plus I still had errands to do like clean the washrooms and do the laundry.

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