Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy 91st Birthday Grandma!

Tonite, we celebrated my grandma's 91st birthday at Shanghai River Restaurant in Richmond. The start of the dinner wasn't very good as they pushed our 7:30pm reservation to almost 8pm! We also came to this restaurant cos we wanted to eat crispy duck skin and mom had reserved a plate when she made our resos but apparently, they had sold out and didn't have a dish for us! Gosh, mom was super angry and wanted to leave the restaurant for another place. But we thought it was best to stay since we've already sat down which we had to wait 30 minutes for this table and it's a Saturday which means all the restaurants in the area would be super busy and we'd have to wait another 30 minutes for another table! But it was such a disappointment that we did not have the crispy duck skin since it was a birthday request. The manager seemed to be very apologetic altho mom didn't think so and he offered us a shredded duck dish served with lettuce wrap. This is kinda ironic since we did not want to eat this dish and was only going to go for the crispy skin. We ordered a few of the main dishes to share but we found the dishes very bland and such a disappointment. We will not be coming back to this place and we will try Northern Delicacy in Aberdeen the next time we want to eat Shanghainese cuisine or Xiao Long Baos (steamed pork dumplings). After dinner, we asked for our fresh mango cake to be served and the waitress looked confused. My goodness, the service is not great at all but can't expect much from an asian restaurant. I can't believe a year has past since my sister was here :( Makes me kinda sad but I'm sure I'll see her soon, hopefully next Spring!

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psychorich said...

So does that mean that you will be coming to Asia next Spring? BTW, that mango cake looks very yummy!