Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Disney On Ice - Princess Wishes

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Wow, what a show!! I got free tickets to this show from a coworker because his daughter told him that she was too old to attend these shows. The tickets were free cos he received them for free and he didn't want me to buy them from him. I have never been to a Disney On Ice show and always wanted to go but I figured this one would be for little girls cos the show is called Princess Wishes. But to my surprise, I really enjoyed the show and Kay, who I thought might be too old for it, really liked it as well! We had 4 tickets and I invited Rhoda but forgot she was already going to this show with her little sis. Those two go every year, it's a tradition and she purchased tickets months ago. Since I had 2 extra tickets, I asked Kay if she wanted to invite her BFF, Nana and I would invite Karen, Jess's friend. Rhoda offered to give us a ride cos they were driving down. The show was at the Pacific Coliseum and it's not easy to get there by transit so that was a super nice gesture. Although these tickets were free, they weren't really cos I ended up buying $50 worth of stuff!! I had to buy the girls the princess crown mouse ears with cotton candy (cos they were cute and I couldn't resist the girls' pleas), a box of cold popcorn and of course, I needed a souvenier so I bought myself a Disney On Ice water bottle filled with yucky lemonade. The show was about 2 hours long with an intermission and Karen and I were suppose to meet Rhoda and Jess during that time but we ended up having a smoke first and losing them in the crowd. After the show, we met them outside and it was FREEZING, thank goodness Jess drove us cos there would have been no way for us to be home by 10.00 pm if we took the transit! Kay and I liked the show so much, we are planning to make this a yearly tradition, next year though, we are going to get tickets with Rhoda cos she gets the tickets a couple months ahead and at VIP prices!

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