Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Craft Market

I love this Christmas Craft Market that happens every year! Today, I decided on taking a "sick" day off work so I could have an extra long weekend! (It's been a very stressful and long work week!) But I had plans to meet Rhoda so I had to meet her at Canada Place after work, we decided to meet around quarter to cos there is a coupon for 2 for 1, kids under 12 free. Kay decided to come along and gosh, the line up was insane! I have never seen it so busy before, it's def. becoming more popular over the last year or two. We only spent about an hour and half there and I did good. I didn't end up buying too much for myself but I did buy this gorgeous leather waist pouch by Matteo Mio for carrying small items when I'm going to the hockey game or berry picking. Over the summer, I went berry picking and I carried my huge Louis Vuitton handbag, silly me, I know. Rhoda picked out the colour and it's just gorgeous. Only $80 and handcrafted in Montreal. Love Montreal's style. I almost bought a dress from Momo but decided that it wasn't about me and today I was trying to pick up some presents for co workers. I ended up picking some sweets for my boss and for myself. I picked up some amazing rustic italian herbs, basil garlic pepper and dill garlic sea salt from Maisoncote which smelled wonderful and inspiring, now I can't wait to use them! All these spices are made locally in Vancouver, going to try to the dill garlic sea salt and basil garlic pepper on chicken when grilling. Yum yum! We also couldn't forget Ari and we picked up some healthy snacks by Kali Wags which we tested with him and he loves them. Overall, it was a great shopping night and I love spending time with my two bestest girlfriends, Rhoda and Kay. Wish I had photos but I, hate to admit this, too lazy to take photos, edit and post! Sorry!

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