Sunday, November 18, 2007

Commercial Drive

Kay and I headed down to Commerical drive this afternoon to check out Mr. Pets cos we are planning to switch Ari over to a more natural diet. We also wanted to shop on Commercial cos there are so many neat shops and delis on Commercial. We ended up walking into quite a few placed, Barefoot Contessa, Mintage and Wonderbucks which I love, lots of great things for a great price! It was a nice day to walk it cos the sun was finally out. We did end up at Mr Pets and I spoke to someone about Ari for a little over 30 minutes. They are great, these people really know their stuff and I am def. going to try (slowly) changing Ari's diet to a natural diet. Maybe not raw diet but def. steamed diet. I love walking and shopping at the little boutiques and although it was getting cold, we made one last stop at Fratelli's Bakery but the line up was so huge that we decided we would do it the next time. It's a famous Italian bakery on Commercial Drive which I really wanted to try but it was getting a bit late and we still had a few more errands to run before heading home for dinner. We ended up making a pit stop at Poutine shop and Kay ordered a small size for us to share. Boy it's super yummy and maybe one of the best I've had in Vancouver! I really wish I had brought my camera cos it would have been a great day to shoot photos of Commercial Drive, it's such a great little street buzzing with people. Lots of nice coffee shops too not your average Starbuck's (which they did have) to go to chill and relax with a friend. Will def. think of heading over there the next time I have a friend who wants to have coffee after work. A great day with my girl.

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