Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunny (early wake up!) Saturday

OMG, this morning the construction started at 6.00am!!! That is incredibly ridiculous!! It's a bloody Saturday for f*ck sake!! Do these people not know that most people like to sleep in over the weekend? Gosh, what can you do? Nothing just move out of the area!!

Today was the grand opening for PetSmart in North Vancouver and we were quite excited about having another pet store chain opening near us. We invited Rhoda and Bosco but didn't hear back from them until we were done, apparently Rhoda got a new phone and she does not like it coz it doesn't work. She's a bit peeved about that. I'm sure she'll find something eventually. Kay, Ari and I picked Jas up from her place and we headed down to the opening. Gosh, it was super busy but not as busy as I thought it would be, we were one of the first 500 people to visit the store and we got a free (XL) t-shirt and some goodies for Ari. We also signed up to be a member coz you get discounts and specials if you are. We picked up a couple of new collars for Ari and a toothbrush/toothpaste set for his teeth, we don't want to get his teeth fixed! It's more expensive than getting your own teeth fixed and Poms are prone to bad teeth. I'm not looking forward in brushing his teeth though, he doesn't even like getting his hair brushed or his paws washed! Can't imagine him liking the toothbrush or toothpaste! We needed to pick him up a new body collar (baby blue with bling) coz the other one is kinda ugly and it covers up too much of his hair which is not a pretty sight. We also wanted to get him a neck collar (for easier dog leash access) and a gold bone dog tag with his name and phone number on it. After browsing through the entire dog section, we decided to stop over to Tim Horton's and Michaels before heading back into Vancouver. Yummy, haven't had a donut from Timmy's in a while! Double chocolate donut (or donut cake as HonHon calls it!). Kay and Jas had a bagel with cream cheese and gosh, does Kay ever like cream cheese! But she is a strange one, she doesn't like cheesecake!! After catching a quick snack, we headed over to Michaels to find Kay some plasticine or play-doh for her sciene project but gosh, Michael's is super expensive! We decided to try Zellers or Superstore since we were heading back to Vancouver to do a little grocery shopping.

Once at Oakridge, we headed into Zellers to see if we could find Kay some play-doh but it was too expensive for one jar and she needed a few colours for her "cell" project. We decided to browse the shopping mall before heading to Superstore, might have been a mistake coz I ended up buying a pair of Nine West shoes and a pair of Seven jeans from Aritizia. The Nine West shoes were an awesome find coz they are super sexy and they look like Christian Louboutins! The signature red on the bottom and the mini peep toes perfect for fall! I do have a couple of pairs of black peep toes but those are obviously for the summer. I love these shoes, so hot and sexy plus 4" heels! Also decided to suck it up and buy a pair of decent jeans for myself. I realized I've dropped well over $400 on GAP jeans that do not fit me well at all which I ended up giving them away or to consignment instead of spending that amount on a pair or two of decent jeans. I tried on a couple pairs of 7 for all mankind and ended up with this pair that fit me perfectly like a glove and I love the colour! Yes they were a bit steep in price but worth every single penny! The length and fit is perfect and these are def. super comfy jeans! Really, I only need one or two pairs of these jeans coz I don't wear jeans too often but do like to go casual on some days but not too casual (like pumas and sweats!). Can't wait to try them out! After picking those up, we decided I had done enough damage in one day and headed off to Superstore. We had decided that Jas should come for dinner and we could rent a movie coz we hadn't done that in a long time so we picked up dinner for tonight and some groceries for the rest of our last official week at the apartment. But since we are moving our furniture this upcoming weekend, we decided to pick up frozen dinners and easy pasta / sauce for the rest of the week coz a lot of our dishes and kitchen stuff has already been moved over to our new place or packed away in storage. After Superstore, we headed home to prepare dinner while the girls went over to Black Dog to pick up a movie. We all wanted to watch Transformers (I hadn't seen it yet, those two didn't mind watching it again) but Black Dog was out so we ended up with Fantastic 4: The Rise of the Silver Surfer which is not that good and I really don't want to review it. After dinner, we had apple pie with ice cream (Jas's treat) and walked Ari before driving Jas home. It was def. a fantastic day / evening!


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More shoes?

peachy said...

Hi Hope you are well. Also hope you are still bloging.