Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rushed Weekend

Wow, what a weekend! My mom's friend from Alaska flew in on Saturday morning for the weekend to get her hair done and to pick up a few (ok maybe a bit more than few) things before she heads back to Fairbanks, AK on Monday night! Phew! What a rushed weekend we had. Mom picked her up on Saturday morning or early afternoon, her flight was delayed (she's on standby cos her daughter works for the airline which means she doesn't have to pay for her seat) and she didn't arrive into Vancouver until 11.00am! I guess there were a few flights that landed as well so mom was stuck in the arrival car line up for over 30 mins!! Mom asked if we wanted to go with her to pick her up but we were still in our jammies so no thank you! Kay had a birthday party later in the afternoon and I was going to drop her off at Metrotown, that's where part of the party is and I planned on checking HonHon's mail since I hadn't done so in a number of weeks. I also wanted to pick up a few items from IKEA and Linen N Things (rec'd a 25% discount coupon in an email). We ended up getting ready by the time mom called, she told us they had just planned on eating at the Viet restaurant on Kingsway (planned on going for dim sum but she arrived way too late). Asked us to meet them there and place their order. I had already eaten a breakfast wrap so I didn't eat a the Viet rest but Kay was a slow poke so she got to eat there! After lunch, Kay and I headed out and mom dropped off Aunt Cece to the hair stylist. Kay and I headed home to pick up the car so I could drop her off at Metrotown, she's going to a b'day party / sleepover, this will be my first weekend at home by myself in our new place! We went over to check HonHon's mail and then I drove her over to Metro but it seems the girls were just finishing up a Bonsor so we decided that I could just drop her off there. After dropping Kay off, I decided to make my way over to Linen N Things and IKEA but my brother called and asked where I was which triggered my memory that I was suppose to attend a Grand Opening to Creo Bellus's new store on Victoria street. I headed back home to pick up mom before heading over to Creo Bellus. Wow, the store is beautiful! Looks so professional and I love how they renovated the store. It's also so much larger than their last place! (Check out muy flickr account for more photos) After an hour, we had to head back and pick up Auntie Cece from the hairdresser. I was driving so I had to drive back to their place to drop them off before heading over to Richmond so I could FINALLY make my way over to IKEA and Linen N Things. I picked up quite a few nice items at IKEA and a few needed items at Linen N Things and with a 25% discount! I can't believe their prices, a bit expensive! After shopping, I was getting hungry and decided to head home. Gosh, the house was empty and it was pretty quiet. I had rented Transformers but we didn't watched it yet (although she has already watched it in the theatre) and I decided I better watch it before I returned it. It was a little bit scary (to me anyways) in the beginning and I wasn't sure if I should continue to watch it, I had to call Jas and ask how much scarier this movie got but she reassured me that it wasn't scary and it was more of a comedy or action flick. I found the movie to be a bit slow (the story line and acting) although I did enjoy the last 30 minutes of it. I didn't think it was THAT great and glad I didn't pay to watch it in the theatre. Mom, Auntie Cece and grandma didn't come home until pretty late but I was doing ok at home by myself.

Today was a pretty rushed day as well with shopping in Chinatown and other places. We basically just went around Vancouver picking up asian things for Auntie Cece. It was a really windy, wet day and not really a good day to be out shopping but it needed to be done. Hopefully, she'll have the room to pack everything!

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