Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Storm

Tonite was a great night to do some Xmas shopping downtown :) It has been snowing all morning and afternoon, by the time I was finished work, the snow had stopped. I still had a few Xmas gifts to pick up for my co-workers and manager's wife so I decided tonite would be a good nite to go shopping. Boy was I not at all wrong :) It was nice and quiet out there! My first stop was MAC on Robson and usually this place is super busy and you can never get a make-up artist to help you but tonite, I was the only customer there and there were 8 MAs available! I picked up a holiday collection item for Kay as a stocking stuffer cos she won't get many gifts to open this year and I'm giving her lucky money instead of a gift. I also went over to Winners and got a great deal on a pair of Moschino leather gloves (lost one glove at the Xmas party) and Home Sense for my manager's wife's gift. By 6ish, I was tired and ready to call it a nite!

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