Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner and Dessert with the Birthday Girl

Today is Rhoda's official birthday and we (Jess and I) took her out for dinner and dessert. Jess made reservations at Las Margaritas for 7pm, it was crazy to out in this super freezing weather but to resist not to go! Finding parking on West 4th can be difficult but it was def worth the cold! The meals are so yummy and for years, I have been meaning to check this restaurant out. Mexican food mainly consists of lots of veggies, meats, carbs and cheese. Yes, I think HonHon and Kay would really enjoy having dinner here. We love Mexican and truly, we really enjoy eating different types of cuisines and I still have to try the little local Mexican restaurant closer to home. A couple of friends mentioned one on Victoria street and it's only about 5 minutes (driving) from my house. One of the friends is a Mexican from Mexico so I would def not doubt his taste buds! After dinner, we decided to meet up with Rhoda's friend, Kent (her god brother) at True Confections for dessert cos a birthday girl needs her birthday cake! But before we met with him, Jess had to drop off some food for her BF and their place downtown. Cos we had two cars, Jess and Jess's friend, we decided Rhoda and friend could head over to TC to get a table and meet Kent while I go with Jess to drop off the food and check out her new condo. OMG, how beautiful is her new place!! It's at the Sheraton Residence and her suite has floor to ceilings windows and what a view it is!! She's got an amazing view of downtown, Vancouver and the mountains!! So nice!!! What a beautiful place to live. Once we arrived to TC, we ordered our drinks and dessert and I always choose the same one, a slice of the Devil's Food Cake. It is their famous old fashioned devil's food cake with dark chocolate layers, chocolate filling and marshmallow icing - YES - MARSHMALLOW ICING....mmmmm....yummy! It was an awesome nite with great peeps and good food!

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