Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Rhoda!


Tonight 20 of us gathered to celebrate Rhoda's birthday at Pondok Indonesian Restaurant. Pondok moved from their small little location off Commercial Drive to Broadway in a plaza on the 2nd floor, wow, what a difference! Altho, I really preferred the smaller location (as it did not have a dance floor or a karaoke bar), I'm happy to see they are doing well, well enough to expand the restaurant and move to a really nice place. The last place seemed a bit of a hole in the wall and if you didn't know where it was, you'd never know! Rhoda had two large tables booked and when she finally arrived (birthday girl is allowed to be late for her party), she tried to put the two tables together. It wasn't going to work and it would be very difficult for everyone to eat being squished at one table. Our dinner reservations were at 7.30pm and at first, the restaurant was half empty but around 8.30pm, every single table in the restaurant was taken and there were many people in line waiting to be seated! The food was pretty good but I think it was better at the Commercial location. The service wasn't so great due to the large size of the restaurant and the min staff on hand but we couldn't be more happier to get out of the restaurant once the amateur singers and dancers were up on the stage and dance floor! Jas and I were going to go clubbing with her afterwards but it started to snow during dinner and I knew my car / tires wouldn't make it home if it kept coming down like that all night. It was nice to see a lot of old faces whom I haven't seen in a while and I'm really happy to see Rhoda had a great time! She deserves it!

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