Friday, January 18, 2008

Vera's Burger Shack

FINALLY! I have officially tried burgers at Vera's Burger Shack! The burger was nothing spectacular but still very delish esp. since I haven't had red meat or a burger in quite some time! Charly and I were suppose to do our workout but his friend (whom he does meat runs for as a favour) called a bit earlier than expected and we decided to skip the workout (both of us being way too tired) to help deliver the meat. I finally met his friend, Emando, a student or something from Mexico who has stayed with him as a homestay student last year. He wanted to set him up with a mutal friend of ours and even though Emando is very cute and charming, he is not our friend's type whatsoever. Plus he's a starving visitor with no or little money and we know for a fact that money is a must when dating our dearest friend. After the looooong drive to UBC and back, we decided to have burgers at Vera's and boy was it ever yummy esp. when you are hungry! I can say now that I have finally tried it as I have been wanting to try it since last summer, heard good reviews on the place. Next burger stop, Fat Burger on Denman!

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