Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shopping Addiction

Today, I was very very bad.... I picked up a new wool crop jacket and cute top from Aritzia. These items were at such a good price, I couldn't resist! I wasn't suppose to go to the mall but Kay and Ty never made it out there and both of them had to return a couple of items at Metrotown. Kay had invited her friends over and they were suppose to head out to the mall but apparently all 2 of them had decided to stay in our tiny basement suite the entire afternoon. That means there was 4 teenagers in our tiny suite, poor Ari, he was so stressed out and very very tired! Since those two had a few things to return, I decided I would drive them to Metro so they didn't have to take the train (it was super cold!) and we would go to The Boss at Metropolis for dinner since I haven't had The Boss in such a long time. While Kay returned her shoes at Stoneridge, I told them I would wait for them at Aritzia to see what they had left in the store. I tried on a few more pairs of R&Rs but the ones that looked really nice on me were no longer on sale :( but I did find a cute wool jacket by Talula Babaton and a top by Wilfred at a really great price! Kay also found a cute TNA bag that she wanted and it was on sale. Ty needed to head over to AE to return a shirt and buy another one, Kay and I picked out a really nice men's shirt (long sleeved, collared and buttons) for Ty. After our shopping, we decided to head over to The Boss for dinner and after dinner, we stopped by London Drugs to pick up a bus pass for Kay and those two headed over to Bubble World for bubble tea. I'm not so sure that was the best way to end the night, bubble tea with tons of sugar in two teenagers!

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