Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jasmine!

Tonight, we celebrated Jasmine's birthday at the Aqua Riva for Dine Out Vancouver. Every year, her birthday celebration falls during this time and we have made it a tradition to have dinner at one of the many Dine Out Vancouver restaurants. With such a great price and choices, how could anyone resist not attending at least one Dine Out every year?? This year, West did not participate so we decided to head back over to Aqua Riva which is where we celebrated my birthday last year. As always, the food was super yummy and I opted for New York steak instead of the salmon (had basa on my birthday) and the dessert, cheesecake was to die for. It was such a splendid dinner and so nice to see them all since we do not really get a chance to go out, enjoy good food and each other's company. After dinner, we decided to head over to Vince and Meryl's condo cos we haven't been there in a while as they were redecorating the entire suite. It was almost done with a few odd pieces to pick up but ready to show off. But before heading over there, we decided to stop off at Rogers Video to pick up a movie. They decided on Waitress starring Keri Russell and in the end, we wished we hadn't rented it cos it was a terrible. Although, we all had heard rave reviews on the movie (and gave it 89%), we didn't really enjoy the movie and to me, the story dragged on and on and on. Before starting the movie, we got a tour of the new place and gosh does it ever look different! They decided to go with a contemporary minimal style and chose a lot of contemporary furniture pieces, spending most of their budget on their beautiful couch (from LivingSpace) at a whooping $15,000!! I almost fell on my @ss when I heard that! But I love their new place, it's gorgeous! The bedroom, a totally different room and the repainted walls, incredible. Looks like a showroom for a loft. Well done! Also love the brand new (upgrade!) TV and he took it off the wall and put it on a TV stand! Vince wanted to show us the game he worked on all year (he works at EA) and gosh, NHL 2008 looks great! The hockey players look so real! Like you are really watching a hockey game, amazing! Meryl being the sweetest hostess ever, made up a veggie platter for us and made up Jas's birthday cake with her candles, the chocolate cake was so delish! I had two pieces which wasn't a good idea cos I was already starting to feel a bit bloated from the dinner / dessert plus more dessert? But it was too good not to have the second piece! After the movie, we chatted a bit longer and decided to call it a night. Jas had a really great time and that's all that mattered! Life is great when you have great friends to share it with! More photos on my flickr account.

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