Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Weekend of May

Gosh, what a busy first weekend. The past three days have been crazy busy and all this running around is really tiring me out!

On Friday, I met up with Rhoda and Jess after work to do a bit of shopping. We headed over to Canadian Tire on SW Marine Drive in Burnaby to pick up some stuff for Jess, wow that new CT store is HUGE! I picked up a yoga mat on sale for $14.99, I have plans to start yoga to help relieve some tension and stress. After CT, we headed over to Walmart to see if they carried SunGuard detergent (it's sun protection - UPF - for your clothes), I really need this stuff cos I am allergic to SPF and I have sun sensitivity. But no such luck, the next time I am in the states, I will have to check out a Walmart, Walgreens or Safeway to find it. Before heading out of Walmart, we all decided to pick up some snacks (chips etc.) cos the prices are so low! Also, Rhoda and I were getting the munchies cos we were a bit hungry! We headed over to Lansdowne Mall in Richmond to check out Best Buy (ipod speakers for Kay), return an item I bought the week before at Home Sense, and grab some dinner at No. 9. First stop, BB to pick up some ipod speakers, Jess wanted to buy them for her because I had planned on buying cheap speakers but Jess said the more expensive ones are much better quality in sound. She picked up a really nice set from Logix and those were on sale for $99, regular priced at $180! On my lunch break, Rhoda and I had gone to MAC to look at make up, we picked up a new lipgloss for Kay and Future Shop for a pink ipod nano from me to Kay for her birthday. I can't believe she is turning 14 in just a couple of days! It seems like yesterday that she was just turning two! Gosh, how time flies so quickly. After BB and returning my item at Home Sense, we walked through the mall before hitting No. 9 for dinner. After dinner, we headed over to Parker Place to look for sunglasses for Kay cos that's what Rhoda wanted to buy for her birthday present. They know someone at an optical store in Parker and can get a good deal on sunglasses. I'll have to remember that when I can find and decide on a new pair of sunglasses. The person they know wasn't there and he is on vacation for the next couple of weeks but their mom knows another person who works there that can give them a good deal. We decided on a pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses that were soooo Kay. She's gonna love them :) After sunglass shopping, we decided to stop over at Rhoda's house to drop off stuff and pick up her briefcase with software programs cos she was coming over to help my mom with the downloading/burning/ movie problems on her computer. Thank goodness Rhoda can help my mom out cos my mom is always got problems and I have no idea how to fix any of them! I don't download movies off the internet. It was a great day and great evening! Thanks Rhoda and Jess!

On Saturday, we didn't do too much in the afternoon, Kay had to attend a birthday gathering at a friend's house so I drove her over there. I decided to head over to Safeway to pick up some grocery items before heading home. Safeway carries an organic line called O Organics and I wanted to see what kinds of salads they carried cos I've been eating out a bit more than usual and I need to clean my system out with all that take out! I found a really interesting one with fresh herbs in it so I'm very excited to try this one out! After Safeway, I headed home to take a rest before heading out again to meet Jas. We are planning to catch the movie Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey, McDreamy oh yeah :) and dinner afterwards. We met up at the train station and headed over to Metro together and gosh was the theatres ever super busy! Lucky for us, we got good seats cos we were 30 minutes early! It was such a funny, entertaining movie, def. a great chick flick! I love this movie and it def made me laugh, distracting what was going on in my mind and life. After the movie, we headed over to Cactus Club for some dinner and a drink, I love their bellinis, super yummy! It was a great night and very thankful for such best friends who take care of me!

On Sunday afternoon, Kay and I headed over to Metrotown centre together so I could do a bit of shopping while she took off to hang out with her friends. That was a good thing cos I was doing a bit more birthday shopping for her! First stop was Best Buy to pick up a couple pairs of the Skullcandy pink smokin buds, one for myself and one for Kay's ipod. After BB, I headed over to Shamin Jewellers to check out their time piece selection, they have a small but nice Movado selection. Back inside Metro, I stopped off at a few stores before picking up my mom and grandma's mother's day gifts which I got at Winners for under $40! Picked up a Shea Body Butter from the Body Shop cos it's suppose to be great for extremely dry skin which is what I have and I am running out of body lotion. I picked up a few pairs of Aerie underwear for Kay cos she loves their underwear and I wanted to buy some make up but realized I have a MAC lip gloss for her. Rhoda and Jess are taking Kay out for a really nice Italian dinner on her birthday so we won't be opening her gifts until after dinner but I wanted to have something little for her to open on her birthday morning. After shopping, I was a bit worn out but I still needed to head over to HonHon's place to check his mail so I decided to give Kay a call to see if she wanted to come home with me or if she wanted to hang out with her friends a bit longer. She decided to stay a bit longer which was fine cos I remember being a teenager and all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends. After checking HonHon's mail, I headed home and decided to give my dad and brother a call to see if they wanted to have dinner. I realized that my father wouldn't get a chance to celebrate with Kay cos next weekend is Mother's Day so we won't be seeing him until another weekend. Dad and brother were free for dinner so I rang up Kay to let her know she should be heading home soon. Once she arrived, we headed over to Richmond and dad wanted to take Kay out for her birthday so she got to choose the restaurant. She wanted Italian of course! If she wasn't born Chinese, I swear she would be Italian! We made reservations at Italian Tomato for 7.45pm cos it's really yummy but very busy restaurant. A few times, we had to wait about 30 to 45 minutes for a table and I thought it would be a good idea just to make reservations. Of course Kay ordered her fave dish on the menu, meat ravioli with a creamy pesto sauce. My dad also decided to order a bottle of red wine for us to share (cheer Kay's 14th birthday) and she got an orange juice in a wine glass so she wouldn't be left out. Very cute. After dinner, the waitress brought over a slice of chocolate mousse cake for Kay and they sang her Happy Birthday. It was very nice of them and we truly appreciated it. After dinner, we headed back to dad's place and my brother gave her a huge birthday gift. He bought Guitar Hero for her Wii system and she was ecstatic! She had a great time and it was nice way to end off the weekend. (She's really spoiled this year!)

Photos will be posted later as Kay has not uploaded them into the PC.

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