Saturday, May 24, 2008

EAT Vancouver!

This afternoon, Kay and I went to Eat Vancouver with Rhoda and Nel. We go every year and it never disappoints us! This year, the cheese stand did not give out samples of cheese unless you sat in for their cheese presentation which disappointed us cos Kay and I just wanted to sample cheese! After 20 minutes, we lost Rhoda and Nel cos it was just so crowded and busy but we texted each other and gave a time and destination place. Kay and I pretty much went through the entire exhibition except for the alcohol and pet sections cos Kay can't get into the alcohol section and we just lost Ari which made me feel a bit sorry and sad cos I was super excited about picking up samples and new food items for him. Kay and I had some food tickets (thank you Nel) and we decided to try this French bistro restaurant, Cassis, and I was surprised that Kay liked the dish cos I didn't think she would. We may have to visit this restaurant one day with HonHon. Once we were done, Rhoda and Nel wanted to head over to PC cos Hugo Boss was having a suit sale, up to 40% off their suits. While Rhoda and Nel were in HB, Kay and I checked out the new Apple store, wow very coo and pretty. We also headed over to Holt Renfrew and Browns (designer shoe sale!!!). We walked up and down Granville street a bit and after 45 minutes as we headed back, we saw that Rhoda and Nel were done suit shopping. After the mall, we decided to call it a day cos we were all super tired. The evening was quiet and relaxed, I made dinner for my mom and Kay was suppose to go to Mel's house for a sleepover but plans got cancelled. I can't believe how fast these weekends go.....

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