Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sunless Tanning, Metro and Green Basil

After work, Rhoda, Jess, Karen and I headed over to Suntopia Tanning Salon on Kingsway for a UV free spray sun tan provided by Mystic Tan. It's basically a 20 second spray, front and back with 3 levels of colour intensity to choose from. We all opted to go with the middle level, a no. 2 tan. Hopefully, we all won't get too dark or orange although I know Rhoda likes to be super dark, I mean "tanned". We all went with the clear coat application (there's also a bronzer application for instant results) and the tan takes about 24 hours before it takes on full effect of the colour but we should see a slight tan within 10 to 12 hours (although Rhoda thinks otherwise, she thinks after 12 hours we will be the colour we are). It was quite an experience, I'm not sure if I would do it again, you cannot breath in there (cos the smells are awful) which means you basically have to hold your breath for about 30 seconds. I only managed to hold it for 10 before turning around to do my back and taking another breath, ohmygosh, it was so GROSS!!! After our experience, we decided to hit Metro for a bit of shopping before heading over to Green Basil for dinner. We didn't plan on having the girls come with us but in the end, we all went together. At UB, I picked up a cute teal colour top for $9.99, another great deal! This top will go great with my teal pumps I got from A&N shoe sale. I love this colour, it's so pretty. I also ended up picking up a clearly sexy convertible bra at La Senza Express for $39.50 cos I don't really own any real bras with support since I've lost so much weight which means my boobs got much smaller. I've been wearing a couple of Calvin Klein bras but it's not really a bra cos they are seamless with no wires or support. These are super comfy and I love them! Although these two seem a bit too big on me as well. I decided it was probably time to get a new bra with support. This one is really nice and it pushes my boobs up so I look a bit bigger than I really am :) After shopping, we headed over to Green Basil and gosh was it ever busy! This surprised us since it was a week night! But we got a table within 20 minutes and the food was super yummy (also I was starving by this time), 3 dishes came up to $45 which makes it $11.25 a person, not bad for some good grub!

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