Friday, May 30, 2008

Appys & Tea

Tonight I finally got to see my beautiful Ana :) I have not had a chance to see her since her arrival back to Vancouver a couple of months ago as we have both been busy, delaying our plans but tonight was the night! We made plans to have coffee at Sweet Revenge on Main street but I wasn't sure they were opened so early. If they weren't open (which they were not), we decided to meet at The Reef for drinks and appys. It was such a great evening as the sun and temperatures were very warm for the patio but it was a full house and there was a mile long waiting list to sit out there. We settled for inside (close to the door so we could get some sun!) which was super packed and noisy as everyone was out tonight for drinks after a long work week. It was a bit hard to talk in there but we managed to shout over people and catch up on each other's lives. Ana is still the same Ana that left Vancouver a couple of years ago, she hasn't changed much at all! It was so great to see her and I always enjoy her company. We are like two souls that can connect no matter how much time has passed between us. She is such a lively and soulful person and the connection we have is sparkling! After drinks, we decided to walk down Main street and see what else was opened, maybe for a couple more drinks but on our way to the next place, we passed a small but quaint tea shop. We decided to stop in for tea at Shaktea instead of the lounge/bar cos this place seemed more quiet and better place to continue our conversations. Besides, I have never seen this place before (when I lived in the area) and it was a def lovely tea place with lots of interesting teas to choose from. I am a huge tea fan, I love tea! After an hour, I realized it was time to go as Kay and I had plans to meet Rhoda and Jess for the first night of the Richmond nightmarket. We gave each other kisses/hugs, said our good byes and decided to get together again tomorrow for drinks and fun.

The night market wasn't that exciting and there were many stalls that were empty. The food section of the market wasn't even opened! We probably did the whole night market in about 30 minutes and we were taking our time. Jess picked up a couple of iPod accessories and that was about it. After night market, Kay wanted bubble tea so we headed to the BB tea place that we always go to when in Richmond and that place was packed! I think it took about 15 minutes or so to just order drinks! After a bit, we decided to call it a night cos Rhoda and Jess are heading over to Vancouver Island tomorrow to see the Cirque Du Soleil show in Victoria.

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